Tools for Better Health in Dallas, Fort Worth

Healthy Ingredients in Dallas, Fort Worth

What are the ingredients in your favorite vending machine snack or beverage? Do you know? If you do, you belong to a growing group of consumers who not only know which ingredients are in their food but also know the number of ingredients. According to Andrew Mandyz, Director of Strategic Insights at Nielsen, “There’s a shift in how people are thinking about ‘better for you.’ People are looking for back-to-basics, simpler ingredients.”

Ingredient Labels

Seeing the recipe for your snack or beverage would be the best way to learn about what is in it, and how much of each thing was used. But since that is rarely an option, there is another way for Dallas, Fort Worth consumers to learn about what is in their food and drink—by reading ingredient labels. Ingredients are listed in a very specific order. The largest ingredient is listed first, followed by each ingredient until the smallest ingredient. For example, a ready-to-drink cold tea that lists the ingredients tea (water, tea), sugar, and lemon is letting the consumer know that there is more tea than sugar, and more sugar than lemon in the beverage. Nielsen found that “about 61 percent [of consumers] said that the shorter the ingredients’ list, the healthier the product.”

Online Resources

In addition to reading ingredient labels, consumers are researching health information online. Mandzy found that the number of consumers who went online for information went from 48% in 2014 up to 68% in 2016, a 20% increase. With the large amount of health information available online, and more Dallas, Fort Worth consumers using the internet, it is important to know how to determine if a website contains reliable information. Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center offers some tips:

  • Don’t search the entire Internet. Start with the Johns Hopkins Medicine Health Library [or other hospital website] or
  • Evaluate commercial (“dot com”) sites carefully for bias and conflict of interest.
  • Check to see if the information is current (less than three years old).
  • Look for the credentials of the author (i.e. doctor, nurse, psychologist) to make sure the information is written by a health professional.
Healthy Ingredients in Dallas, Fort Worth
Technology as a Tool

Using technology to track health-related activities and numbers are also on the rise. There are apps that are worn during activities such as running or walking, ones that track the number of hours slept and the quality of sleep, ones that track what an individual has eaten and count calories, and others that track heart health or healthy habits. With so many apps available, it can be challenging to find one that meets a Dallas, Fort Worth user’s needs. Harvard Health Publications recommends several things to consider when looking for the right app.

  • Have realistic expectations of the technology and watch out for unrealistic claims.
  • Read reviews. Try out a few different ones.
  • Read the fine print.
  • Ask for recommendations.
  • Look for ones “sponsored or created by established health advocacy groups, medical organizations, or universities”

Reading ingredient labels, researching health information and monitoring one’s own health-related activities are just a few of the many ways that consumers can become more knowledgeable. Sharon Allison-Ottey, MD and health educator, recently expressed that “the overall trend of a more-educated consumer is excellent” especially when it comes to a person’s diet. Which snack and beverage ingredients do your consumers want to see in their Dallas, Fort Worth healthy vending machines?

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What Will Dallas, Fort Worth Consumers Ask for in 2017?

Breakroom Options in Dallas, Fort Worth

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Were you able to reflect on the past, create new goals, and make a few positive changes since January 1?

According to

  • 40-45% of American adults make resolutions each year.
  • the top 3 resolutions are eating better, losing weight and quitting smoking.
  • only 46% of all the resolutions made will be kept after 6 months. also states that 80% of New Year’s resolutions will fail.

The bottom line—change is hard. If it weren’t so difficult, more people would keep their resolutions, and maybe more businesses would still be, well…in business. Take Blockbuster for example.

Blockbuster was created in 1985, and for a while, it had a monopoly on the video renting business. In 2000, Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix, flew to Blockbuster headquarters to meet with Blockbuster CEO John Antioco to propose a partnership with the multi-million-dollar company. Hastings wanted Netflix to run Blockbuster’s brand online and in exchange, wanted Netflix to be advertised in Blockbuster’s brick-and-mortar stores.

Antioco and his team turned down the deal. After all, they were the leaders of their industry.

In 2004, Antioco realized his mistake. Seeing Netflix as a competitor, he tried to compete with them. Antioco removed late fees and invested heavily in Blockbuster’s online platform. But in 2005, he was fired. His replacement, only seeing the $200 million dollars the company lost when Antioco banished them, reinstated the late fees.

In 2010, Blockbuster went bankrupt. As of February 2017, Netflix was worth over $61 billion.

A few lessons we could learn from Blockbuster are:

  1. Be open to new ideas
  2. Invest time, money, etc. in exploring those new ideas
  3. Maintain a healthy online presence

Breakroom Options in Dallas, Fort Worth

Vend Pro isn’t afraid to change with the needs of our Dallas, Fort Worth customers. We offer multiple ways to purchase items including credit/debit cards and mobile payment options; a wide variety of services including micro markets, and office coffee & tea service; and a large selection of products including healthy snacks and beverages.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Dallas, Fort Worth with some Bubbly!

Alternative Beverages in Dallas, Fort Worth

If your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight and/or eat healthier, keep your commitment to yourself and choose “bubbly” sparkling water instead of champagne or soda for your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Why make sparkling water your beverage of choice in 2017?

  • It’s Healthier – Many leading brands, such as LaCroix, don’t have any calories, sweeteners, sodium or anything artificial.
  • It’s Cheaper – With many cities and counties across the country imposing extra taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages, it’s better for your budget to stay away from sodas.
  • It’s Trending – According to the Wall Street Journal’s article LaCroix Bubbles Up in Water Brand Competition, sparkling water consumption grew 26% from 2015-2016. And according to an article from Huffington Post, Sparkling Water is the New Soda, between 2009 and 2014, the volume of carbonated bottled water sold in the U.S. increased by 56.4%.
  • It’s Diverse – Sparkling water offers a large variety of flavors not commonly found in soda. Think black cherry dragon fruit, orange grapefruit, and kiwi watermelon.

This year as you work to improve your own drinking habits don’t forget to help your Dallas, Fort Worth employees do the same.

Alternative Beverages in Dallas, Fort Worth

Whether you offer traditional vending, micro markets or free vend benefits to your employees, your local vendor can stock your healthy break room with sparkling water options.

Some of our favorites include:

ICE – Started in the early 1990s in the Pacific Northwest, the ICE line now includes sparkling teas and lemonades in addition to their twelve succulent varieties of sparkling water.

Dasani Sparkling – All 6 varieties of Dasani Sparkling water are unsweetened and have no artificial flavor. They also are juice free.

LaCroix – Originating in the 1980s LaCroix has made a serious comeback complete with a whole new look. Today they are easily the leading name in sparkling water.

For more sparkling water or juice options call Vend Pro at (972) 948-3431 today. We’ll be happy to add some healthy carbonated beverages to your Dallas, Fort Worth vending machines or micro market with your next refill.

Vending Machines and the Mobile Wallet in Dallas, Fort Worth

Mobile Wallet in Dallas, Fort Worth

Have you seen the Capital One TV commercial that asks, “What’s in your wallet?” It’s no longer just about what’s in the object that holds the cash and credit cards that you carry in your back pocket or handbag. It’s now about what type of wallet you use – a mobile wallet that holds a variety of credit card, bank account, and loyalty program information, or the one that holds actual cash and credit cards.

Historically, vending machines accepted only cash. As technology changed, so did the types of payments that vending machines allowed. Today, a new option is available that has the potential to increase sales at Dallas, Fort Worth’s healthy vending machines–the contactless transaction. This type of transaction is not only cashless but also credit cardless. The person purchasing a snack or beverage needs only to carry a smartphone that has a mobile payment app, and he or she can quickly buy that item. Many universities and colleges have already seen an increase in the use of mobile wallets by students. Some of the more well-known mobile payment systems are Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay, but banks and credit cards are also creating their own mobile payment apps.

Do you use a mobile wallet? If you do, you are part of a segment of the population that is moving toward a cashless society. A June 2016 Gallop Poll found that fewer Americans are using cash for purchases today than they did five years ago. In November 2016, Capital One surveyed 1,805 individuals and found that 24.4% of the participants use a mobile wallet for purchases, and 63.3% of those individuals adopted the technology during the past year. That leaves 76.7% of those who participated in the study who do not use a mobile wallet. Another way to look at it is that there are 1,364 potential new mobile wallet users in the Capital One survey. Or 1,364 potential vending machine users in Dallas, Fort Worth that could purchase a healthy snack using a mobile wallet.

Mobile Wallet in Dallas, Fort Worth


Digital advertising for contactless transactions or mobile payments also impacts the volume of sales at vending machines. A recent study by USA Technologies, Inc. (USAT) examined the relationship between digital advertising and the use of mobile wallets, specifically Apple Pay, at 35 vending machines in New York and Louisiana. They found that there was a 36.5% increase in overall sales at the machines that promoted the availability of Apple Pay. Maeve McKenna Duska, senior vice president of marketing and sales at USAT, stated, “Based on our study, we believe that when businesses and operators present consumers with the option to pay for items with Apple Pay, the number of mobile payments made and the amount spent increases.” Given the large volume of vending machines currently being used in Dallas, Fort Worth and the increasing number of individuals who are switching to mobile wallets, there is an opportunity for growth as sales typically increase when mobile payments are available.

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A Drink So Popular in Dallas, Fort Worth, It Has Its Own Month

Tea in Dallas, Fort Worth

January, a time of new beginnings, health awareness, and goal setting, is also National Hot Tea Month. According to the Tea Association of the U.S.A., drinking hot tea can increase blood flow for improved cardiovascular health, provide antioxidants for cancer risk reduction, and boost energy expenditure which may help combat obesity. It appears that in a month when the world focuses healthier choices, drinking more tea may be a small change that can make a big health difference.

In addition to its health benefits, tea also has a rich history, diverse flavors, and soothing qualities. It should be no surprise that in America, the third largest tea importer in the world and the only western nation with increasing tea consumption, approximately four out of five consumers drink tea.

Here are a few more interesting numbers and facts from

  • Millennials are making more than coffee “hipster” cool. Their love of tea has triggered an overall increase in Additionally, while older consumers think of tea drinkers as older, female, and soft-spoken, Millennials associate tea drinkers with younger, predominately male, and loud individuals.
  • The most popular additions to tea are sugar (46%), honey (40%), and milk (26%).
  • In the same way that coffee drinkers identify with their hot beverage, it appears that tea drinkers do as well. Green tea drinkers are likely to describe themselves as creative, adventurous, spontaneous, and bold, whereas black tea drinkers are more likely to describe themselves as creative, confident, peaceful, and intellectual.

Tea in Dallas, Fort Worth

What does this mean for your Dallas, Fort Worth office beverage service? Consider the following options:

  • To create a full menu, we highly suggest offering a variety of quality teas. Historically, coffee has been the star of the office, but as trends change, your break room menu should too. Consider offering at least one green, one black, and two to three herbal teas to meet the tastes of everyone in the office.
  • If you are a heavy coffee drinker, consider starting each day with a cup of green tea before your first cup of coffee. It can be a gentler way to start your day, and you will reap some extra health benefits.
  • For your office break room menu, think about adding honey packets or bears and organic milk to sweeten your tea program.

As drinking hot tea grows in popularity, it is important to modify your Dallas, Fort Worth break room options to meet the demand. Not only will your employees enjoy the benefits of drinking their favorite hot beverage, but they will also be more likely to turn to their healthy break room for snacks and beverages. For more information on improving your office coffee and tea service call VendPro today at (972) 948-3431.

Beverage Choices in Dallas, Fort Worth

Healthy Beverages in Dallas, Fort Worth

You only have a couple of minutes to grab a drink from the break room vending machine before your next meeting begins. What do you grab? Finding something you enjoy should be easy as there many options available in Dallas, Fort Worth that aim to meet a wide variety of preferences. The previous scenario has likely happened to most of us more than once but appears to have declined in overall occurrences during the past decade.

According to The NPD Group, a global market research company, the average person drank three non-tap water beverages per day during the past 10 years even though fewer beverages were purchased each year during that same time period. Whether at work, running errands or eating at a restaurant, consumers frequently choose soft drinks followed by coffee, milk, and iced tea. Even though bottled water was not mentioned specifically, sales of plain bottled water and bottled sparkling water in restaurants and other establishments increased by 12% between February 2015 and February 2016, the largest increase of all beverage types.

Water offers unique health benefits to those in Dallas, Fort Worth who drink it. According to the Centers for Disease Control, water helps to regulate our body temperature, lubricate and cushion our joints, and protect our spinal cord. Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, the director of nutrition at WebMD, writes that water keeps our body hydrated which helps all of its systems to function properly, decreases muscle fatigue which can contribute to poor performance, and helps skin to stay hydrated and healthy. Additionally, researchers at the University of Illinois determined that the more water a person drank, the fewer overall calories that person consumed. For most individuals, a decrease in calories, even by a small amount, can positively impact long-term health.

Healthy Beverages in Dallas, Fort Worth

If you are one of the many folks in Dallas, Fort Worth who does not like plain water or gets bored drinking plain water all the time, there are now many alternatives available. Adding flavors that you enjoy to plain water can help you to drink more water than you would if it were plain. At home, adding a wedge of lemon or lime to your tap water, bottled water or unflavored mineral water is a simple fix. When you are out, purchase naturally flavored bottled water or mineral water from a healthy vending machine.

Consuming coffee and tea offer different health benefits than consuming water. The Institute of Food Technologists recently published a study in the Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety that found that moderate coffee drinking, three to four cups per day, has a neutral effect on health. The World Health Organization states that regular consumption of coffee could protect against at least two types of cancer. Tea, drunk in moderation, lowers the risk of cognitive decline, heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes because of the number of flavonoids, a type of nutrient, in the beverage. New studies examining other impacts of coffee and tea on specific medical conditions continue to occur. As with many other beverages, it is important to be aware of the amount of added sweeteners in your coffee or tea.

What beverages do Dallas, Fort Worth consumers request the most? Contact Vend Pro at (972) 948-3431 to learn about the different options available.

A Healthy Energy Boost in Dallas, Fort Worth

Healthy Alternative Snacks in Dallas, Fort Worth

Have you ever had one of those days when you need an energy boost to make it through the day? If you have, you’re not alone. Even athletes such as elite marathoners sometimes need an energy boost while training and competing. Marathoners have traditionally used gels for an energy boost, but there is a new trend among athletes that could soon find its way into your healthy breakroom vending machine—caffeinated gum. Caffeine is known to increase one’s alertness and decrease fatigue. Recent research about caffeinated gum and its effects on athletes by New Zealand’s Eastern Institute of Technology’s Carl Paton confirmed that caffeinated gum behaves in the same way as gels by improving performance, focus and clarity. To combat your afternoon slump, try adding caffeinated gum to one of these healthy options.

Choose Healthy Snacks

What you eat matters. Eating healthy is important for all of us in Dallas, Fort Worth, not just athletes. Choosing healthy snacks whether it be cheese slices with whole wheat crackers or sliced apples with peanut butter plays an important role in combating the sluggishness and fatigue caused by poor nutrition. The saying that food is our body’s fuel is true as what we eat either positively or negatively impacts how we perform. Whether you keep healthy snacks in your desk or choose ones from a vending machine, make healthy selections to see the most benefit.

Drink Water

Our bodies are made of multiple systems that rely on water to be able to function correctly. Unfortunately, most of us don’t drink nearly enough to make up for the water that we lose every day, which can lead to dehydration. Side effects of dehydration include lack of energy and fatigue. To combat dehydration, the Mayo Clinic recommends that men drink about 13 cups or 3 liters of beverages per day, and women drink about 9 cups or 2.2 liters per day. Water and other non-sugary beverages can be found in your office vending machine or healthy breakroom.

Go for a Walk

Movement is a great way to increase energy levels and improve focus. It could be going for a walk in your Dallas, Fort Worth neighborhood or doing jumping jacks at your desk. As long as your blood flow increases and you breathe a bit faster, you should see benefits. Exercise is also great for stress relief. When we decrease our stress level, our mood often improves and we feel more motivated to accomplish our to-do lists. Whether you exercise with a friend or on your own, get moving.

Have Some Caffeine

Most often when we need a boost of energy, we gravitate toward coffee or other caffeinated beverages. There are times, however, when consuming caffeine in a beverage is not an option.  For example, you might not have a cup of coffee or other caffeinated beverage nearby or you may not enough time to drink an entire beverage. Caffeinated gum has an additional benefit that caffeinated beverages do not. The caffeine from caffeinated gum bypasses the digestive system and goes straight into your system, so you feel the effect of the caffeine faster.

Healthy Alternative Snacks in Dallas, Fort Worth

Eating healthy snacks, drinking water and exercising all contribute to increased energy throughout the day at the office. Caffeinated gum offers the extra pick me up that we all sometimes need. Would your Dallas, Fort Worth consumers like to see caffeinated gum as a healthy snack in their vending machines or healthy break room? Call Vend Pro today at (972) 948-3431.

Potential Profits You Can Measure in Gallons

Bottled Water Beverages Dallas Fort Worth BreakroomIf you could travel back in time fifty years and tell people that “bottled water” would be the leading growth category in the U.S beverage marketing, they would think you were crazy. Why would someone pay for something that you can essentially get “free” from the tap? But, as we well know today, people’s demand for a better quality, better tasting product has led to the establishment of bottled water as a major product category. And now given the growing interest in engaging in healthier lifestyles and reducing caloric intake, bottled water is booming. In fact, bottled water, by volume, already outsells carbonated soft drinks in many U.S. cities…and the expectation is that it will very soon become the most consumed beverage nationwide.

According to a new study by the Beverage Marketing Corporation, this trend in bottled water popularity is paying dividends with the caloric savings of the general U.S. populace. Over the past 15 years (2000 to 2015), Americans have collectively cut 61 to 68 trillion calories out of their diets by opting for calorie-free bottled water. Breaking this down in more relatable terms, the average American saved between 24,000 to 27,000 calories during 2015 compared to the year 2000. That’s adaily savings of 64 to 74 calories per person.

Though there is dispute about how to equate calorie intake to weight gained or lost, it’s fair to assume this water trend alone could mean a couple pounds difference to what each person would have gained/lost over the same period without the same boost in water intake. To add some perspective, dropping up to 27,000 calories in a year is equivalent to a person cutting 161 hot dogs, 126 chocolate donuts and 87 cheeseburgers from their annual diets (i.e. using USDA’s average calorie assumptions of 151 calories per hot dot, 194 per chocolate donut and 280 per cheeseburger).

So what does this mean for your Dallas Fort Worth business and the importance of bottled water offerings? In 2015, total volume of bottled water sold in the U.S. was 11.7 billion gallons. That’s up from 4.7 gallons in 2000 – more than double the volume with a 148% increase in merely 15 years, or almost 10% growth year over year. At the same time, all other liquid refreshment beverages (LRBs) combined declined in total volume by about 5 percent (27 billion gallons to 25.8 billion gallons), and individual consumption of these beverages dropped more than 16 percent (95.7 gallons per person to 80.1 gallons).Bottled Water Beverages Dallas Fort Worth

The trend is clear. As long as people continue to become more health-conscious, they will choose bottled water more, as well. And the results of that choice will be a much healthier population, a further booming bottled water industry, and better business for the vending companies ahead of this curve.

For more information about bottled water and other beverage options for your Dallas Fort Worth breakroom, contact your vending partner, Vend Pro at (972) 948-3431   to discuss your customized break room solution.

Market Effectively to Millennials by Appealing to their Emotions

Office Coffee Service Dallas Fort WorthCoffee isn’t just a way to caffeinate in the morning. For millennials in Dallas Forth Worth, selecting coffee is an emotional experience. The social and environmental effects are vitally important to millennials. While freshness and affordability are still important, a new survey shows that millennials are emotionally connected to coffee’s history.

What the survey says

According to an online survey (of more than 900 millennials), “The language millennials use and the attitudes they have indicate that they are deeply connected to coffee on an emotional level.” The study was conducted by Datassential (a Chicago-based food service research firm) and published by custom coffee roaster S&D Coffee & Tea, who added, “For them, coffee is not just a drink, it’s an experience.”

The opinions of millennials are important because they are current and future consumers. John Buckner, S&D Vice President of Marketing says, “The magnitude of this generation [millennials] is such that we know their attitude toward coffee will significantly impact our customer’s growth for years to come; we’re excited about being able to better understand their preferences and perceptions and how those evolve over time.”

The survey results indicate a strong preference for knowing how the coffee they drink is grown and harvested. As a result, sustainability determines if millennials will buy coffee in most situations. How is the coffee helping socially, environmentally, and economically? In other words, millennials believe in being smart consumers, whether that’s branded coffee or brewed at home.

If you want to reach millennials, offer sustainably sourced coffee. The study said, “Sustainable sourcing is a consistently powerful term whose influence extends beyond just improved perceptions around an operation’s coffee offerings.”

Office Coffee Service Dallas Fort Worth

About 45% of millennials feel better about places that offer sustainably-sourced coffee. This was most important to them, even above Fair Trade Certification, USDA organic, locally-sourced, direct
trade coffees. Additionally, more than a quarter would go out of their way to obtainsustainably-sourced coffee. The “vast majority” of millennials would also “be willing to pay a small premium for coffee that is sustainably sourced,” the survey stated.

Interestingly, only 22% of millennials knew the exact definition and specific requirements necessary to qualify as sustainable.

What the survey means for you

When offering coffee to millennials, it’s clearly effective to use coffee that sustainably sourced. Yet, the survey noted that it has a chance of backlash. If the consumer thinks it’s being used insincerely, they may avoid it altogether. “Use of coffee terms as mere labels will render them powerless to sharp-eyed millennials who are increasingly skeptical of unsupported language,” the survey noted. Choose your coffee with caution and wisdom. Do you believe that the coffee brand is sustainably sourced? If not, then millennials probably don’t either.

Slightly over 40% of consumers associate organic with sustainable, the study found, with a little over 30% associating sustainable with Fair Trade Certified or environmentally-friendly harvesting practices. Only 22% associate sustainable with better taste and even fewer (only 15%) associating it with better aroma. Environmental factors were also more important than labor practices and social impact.

Best solution for you

If millennials are drawn to sustainable sourcing, the coffee you offer must be truthful. Furthermore, there needs to be easily accessible specifics about the chosen coffee brand. If “sustainable sourcing” is just slapped onto the coffee, millennials may see it as dishonest. Thus, there must be proof of “sustainable sourcing” or it will be worthless. If the coffee says it is “sustainably sourced,” along with other well-known labels, it will make millennials trust the coffee offered. In fact, having a list of what makes coffee “sustainably sourced” in a millennial workforce breakroom might be powerful when paired with a coffee that is truly sustainably sourced. Essentially, be honest and transparent when appealing to millennials’ coffee needs, and they will love your coffee.

If you are looking for office coffee to offer in your Dallas Fort Worth breakroom, contact Vend Pro at (972) 948-3431 for a free, no obligation consultation, where we can help you with your breakroom needs.


Tea has been growing dramatically in popularity in Dallas Fort Worth as well as becoming a bigger portion of today’s office coffee services. Just considering the health benefits and the increasing interest in healthier living, this trend is no surprise.

Office Coffee and Tea Services Dallas Fort Worth

Up until now, most of the attention has been on green teas, with their multiple benefits, such as improving brain function, enhancing fat burning abilities, lowering risk of certain cancers, and so on. Now, in a recent study, the focus has turned to herbal teas…and the results have been intriguing.

Earlier this year, experts at Northumbria University in Newcastle, England conducted a study involving 180 participants. Each person was randomly picked to be served peppermint tea, chamomile tea or simply hot water as a control group.

Before drinking the provided beverage, each participant completed a questionnaire relating to his or her mood. Then, following a twenty-minute rest period, everyone underwent a series of tests to measure memory and a range of other cognitive functions. This was then followed by another mood questionnaire.

Office Coffee and Tea Services Dallas Fort Worth

The results, published on in April, show that those who drank peppermint tea showed significant improvement in alertness, long-term memory and working memory performance. Certainly, these findings would be intriguing for any office manager looking to stimulate performance.

On the other hand, chamomile tea was shown to slow down memory and attention speed. Its consumption was found to be on par with smelling lavender, offering mood-soothing qualities. Therefore, it’s a great option for something to drink before bed, but probably not to kick off a productive workday.

Overall, the findings further promote the many wellness benefits of tea consumption, and why it should be a key part of any office coffee offering in your Dallas Forth Worth breakroom. The trick is making sure you’re offering the right varieties to keep your employees alert and productive, rather than relaxed and lackadaisical.

Are you interested in adding more tea options to your beverage program? Contact your Dallas Forth Worth vendor, Vend Pro at (972) 948-3431 and we’ll be happy to show you what’s available and how to get started.

For more information on the health benefits of tea, visit