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Benbrook’s leading vending machines and office coffee service provider

If the vending program in your Benbrook workplace could use some improving, you’ve come to the right place! VendPro is proud to serve businesses in Benbrook and the surrounding area, bringing awesome customer service and a wide selection of snacks and drinks that your employees will love.

Office Coffee Service and water filtration in BenbrookGet office coffee service and water filtration in Benbrook

Here’s what you can take advantage of when you choose VendPro for your Benbrook business’ vending program:
  • Office coffee service that brings all the old favorites, as well as the option of providing those “fancy” coffees you’ve probably heard about. We’ll get you started with coffee equipment, and then let you choose from an assortment of coffees and teas, including single cup coffee systems and flavored coffees and teas.
  • Water filtration systems that do away with the need for those heavy 5-gallon jugs. Instead, we’ll install a plumbed-in system that taps into the water supply of your Benbrook building. With that you’ll always have clean hot and cold water on demand.
  • Vending machines that come stocked with a custom blend of items you and your Benbrook employees are craving. Choose traditional vending items like cookies and chips, cold food vending items like sandwiches, or healthy vending items that include fresh and low-fat, low-calorie items. On the beverage side, we’ll supply juices, sodas, and waters in our Coca Cola vending machines and Pepsi vending machines.

Benbrook Offers Micro-Market Self-Serve Kiosks

  • Micro-markets that give you and your team an even wider selection of refreshments. They’re set up like a mini market, with open racks and coolers and a convenient self-checkout kiosk that takes both credit and debit cards. Great for businesses of all sizes!

With so many great options for your Benbrook business’ vending program, isn’t it time you gave VendPro a call today?

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