Vending Machines throughout McKinney
Vend Pro’s Leading Vending Machines and Office Coffee Provider in McKinney

Want a way to boost morale at your McKinney area business?

Want to do it in one of the simplest ways possible?

That’s what you’ll get with the quality vending programs we offer at VendPro! When you offer great vending for your workforce, they’ll tend to stick around the workplace instead of going out for snacks and drinks -- and that helps them get more done.

Our team is proud to be serving McKinney as well as the wider Dallas-Fort Worth area, bringing the best vending -- including a wide selection of items and awesome customer service. When you work with us, you won’t just get a full line of vending items -- you’ll also get a friendly team eager to meet the needs of your McKinney business.

Vend Pro Distributes Premier office coffee service and water filtration in McKinney

Office Coffee Service and water filtration in McKinneyHere’s what we offer:
  • Office coffee service. Start the day out with a bang -- or get that needed boost in the afternoons -- with fresh, delicious coffees served up in our quality coffee makers and coffee equipment. From flavored coffees and teas to single cup systems, we have a wide selection of coffee options.
  • Vending machines. Stock the snacks your McKinney employees love, including traditional vending items, cold food vending items, and healthy vending products. For beverages, customize your blend of drinks in our Coca Cola vending machines and Pepsi vending machines.


McKinney Provides Open Market Micro-Markets

  • Micro-markets. For the widest selection of foods and drinks, opt for the latest trend in vending! They’re set up like a mini-market, right in your break room, with great variety and a convenient self-checkout kiosk accepting both debit and credit.
  • Water filtration. There’s no need for water delivery when you let us help you install our plumbed-in water systems in your McKinney building.

Get all that and much more when you go with VendPro!

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