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Vending Machines in Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)

Make your Dallas Fort Worth area break room a valuable employee benefit. This can go a long way to increasing morale without the cost of increased wages, which we know can be a challenge in this economy. Instead, Vend Pro offers the latest vending machine technology that will serve your employees and guests 24/7. They will see the vending machine as convenient refreshment in part because we customize the selection for an ideal balance of traditional treats and healthier alternatives. We stock only the trendy, must-have vending machine products that will refresh your Dallas Fort Worth employees and guests.

More vending machine service solutions than the competition.

We work with you to create a subsidized or traditional vending machine program that meets your Dallas Fort Worth break room needs.

Traditional Vending

Employees and guests purchase products from state-of-the-art vending machines filled with today’s most popular brands and flavors.

  • No cost to host location
  • Must-have brands and flavors
  • State-of-the-art vending
  • Fast customer service
Subsidized Vending

Keep prices low in your vending machine or highlight a certain category of product by paying a portion of the cost for vending items.

  • Increase productivity
  • Highlight a type of product
  • Share cost with employees
  • Completely customize price
Free Vending

Make your Dallas Fort Worth facility stand out by covering the cost of the vending machine products and offering them as a free perk to employees.

  • Ultimate break room enhancement
  • Boost morale and staff appreciation
  • Less expensive than other benefits
  • Control costs and eliminate pilfering

We offer experience and technology where it counts
– in your break room.

It’s time to enhance your vending machine solution to be a true benefit with service from Vend Pro at 972.948.3431 or email