Snack Vending Machines in Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)

Snack Vending Machines in Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)

Snacks are our business, and that’s why we ensure you get more than a few crumpled bags of chips and stale bars. Vend Pro customizes the menu of products offered inside each of its vending machines to the specific needs of the Dallas, Fort Worth business where the machine will be placed. Then dedicated and experienced staff ensure items are stocked right and within fresh dates.

The Vend Pro vending snack machines are equipped with the latest in infrared technology with sensors to guarantee a snack vending machine product is delivered or the money is refunded automatically. Built-in LED lights save energy and make the snacks inside the vending machine pop with color. Wireless technology monitors the level of product inside and notifies us when items need to be replaced, so you are never out of the snacks you want.

Dallas Fort Worth, Dallas, Fort Worth, Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas providing snack vending machines.


Choose from our vast selection of bagged chip flavors when you’re looking for a satisfying crunch from your Dallas, Fort Worth workplace.


Baked to perfection using top quality ingredients, our line of pastries includes all the best sellers.

Gum & Mints

Whether you prefer fiery or icy, we offer the options to promote oral health and freshen breath.


Looking for a baked delicacy that pairs very well with milk? Choose from our delicious lineup.


Satisfy your craving for something sweet with options that range from dark chocolate to mouth-puckering sour.


A healthy snack isn’t an oxymoron with our snack vending machine program. We excel at offering great tasting, better-for-you snacks.


Revive your break room with a snack vending machine from Vend Pro today! Call (972) 948-3431 or email